Tuft Tuft

Real 2-in-1
Tufting Gun

Tuft Tuft

~25% oFF
Loop Pile
Tufting Gun & Kit

What other tufters love!

Primary Tufting Cloth
Anti-slip Final Backing
2-in-1 Tufting Gun
Multipurpose Carpet Shears

Not sure where to start? Look no further, these kits include everything you need to start tufting

Starter Kit - 2-in-1
Starter Kit - Loop Pile
Tufting Gun Combo
Tufting Gun
Final Backing Fabric
Electric Yarn Winder
Curved Blade Scissors
Primary Tufting Cloth
Secondary Backing/ActionBac
Self-Assembly Frame
Latex Binder
Anti-slip Backing
Half & Half Yarn

Perfect for those who plan to start a workshop or resell tufting tools & supplies

Latex Binder
Primary Tufting Cloth 100 m²
Anti-Slip Final Backing 165 m²