Awesome Fibre 100% New Zealand Wool Yarn

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Awesome Fibre 100% New Zealand Wool Yarn is made from 100% imported New Zealand wool. It is the best quality wool you can find in the market. This rug yarn works perfectly for rug making. Your creations will be much more durable thanks to the natural advantages of high quality wool and our professional manufacturing process.

Awesome Fibre 100% New Zealand Wool Yarn is manufactured for carpet making – it is strong and durable, crush resistant (try stepping on rug made from our rug yarn, they bounce back!), moth-proofed, stain & water-resistant, inherently fire safe (wool is naturally flame retardant) and last but not least – environmental friendly! If your tufted artwork is meant for the floor, we definitely recommend using rug yarn instead of knitting yarn, our rug yarn is ideal for heavy foot traffic area and will last a long time 🙂

We recommend using 3-4 strands of Awesome Fibre 100% New Zealand Wool Yarn with our cut pile tufting gun and punch needle or 2-3 strands with our loop pile tufting gun and all our manual tufting tools. Rug yarn is typically thinner compared to knitting yarn, and will need anywhere from 3-5 strands to use with a tufting gun. Thinner yarns contributes to less yarn wastage in rug making process

All our rug yarn comes in cone allowing you to feed your yarn consistently for best tufting results. It is also great for use in punch-needle embroidery, weaving, and other textile crafts. All yarns in this listing are ready stock and will ship immediately.

Content: 100% New Zealand wool
Wraps/inch: 12 (about 2mm thick)
Plies: Single

*Tips: Rug yarns are generally stiffer than knitting yarn that usually comes in skein, they’re manufactured this way  so that it is more durable and crush-resistant. Coarse/stiff yarn does not equal to bad quality yarn.

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