Awesome Fibre Eco-olefin Yarn

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Awesome Fibre Eco-Olefin Yarn is made from polypropylene, although it is synthetic, it is considered to be better for the environment than most of the other yarns including acrylic, nylon, polyester and even cotton. This is because the manufacturing process creates very little waste and it is 100% recyclable. This means that the ingredients used to create the yarn are completely used. Nothing needs to be thrown away, recycled, or processed. And when it’s no longer needed, it can be broken down back to its original fibres and used to recreate new yarn/fabric.

Due to the way our Eco-Olefin Yarn is manufactured, it is incredibly durable. It is water-resistant, mould & mildew resistant, repels stains very well, and on top of that, 100% color fast and safe to be used for outdoor. 

Although not commonly known among the knitting/leisure tufting community, it is popular in carpet manufacturing industry.

Awesome Fibre Eco-Olefin Yarn is manufactured for carpet making, comes in bright colors and has a mid sheen look to it. Carpet made from Awesome Fibre Eco-Olefin Yarn has an elegant look to it and resembles silk carpet. 

We recommend using 3-4 strands of Awesome Fibre Eco-Olefin Yarn with our cut pile tufting gun and punch needle or 2-3 strands with our loop pile tufting gun and all our manual tufting tools.

***Since this yarn is so smooth, we recommend using a horizontal yarn feeding system instead of the common standing kind. If you’re using a vertically standing yarn holder with our eco-olefin yarn, you might experience some difficulty having this yarn flown smoothly

Here’s a post showing how a horizontal yarn holder looks like:

All yarns in this listing are ready stock and will ship immediately. 

Content: Olefin
Wraps/inch: 14 (about 2mm thick)
Plies: Single

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EY 1566, EY 1031, EY 1141, EY 1505, EY 1500, EY 1902, EY 1315, EY 1344, EY 1346, EY 1021, EY 1335, EY 1296, EY 1553, EY 1670, EY 1276, EY 1241, EY 1157, EY 1301, EY 1609, EY 1560, EY 1625, EY 1942, EY 1001, EY 1368, EY 1152, EY 1559, EY 1894, EY 1419, EY 1196, EY 1586, EY 1841, EY 1381, EY 0000, EY 32B, EY 1678


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