Awesome Fibre Half & Half Wool Blend Yarn

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Awesome Fibre Half & Half Wool Blend Yarn is made from 50% wool and 50% acrylic. It has the characteristics of 100% wool carpet but at a much lower price. In fact, some say it actually adds on to the existing qualities of wool. To explain it better, here’s an example – It is well known that all pure wool rugs go through the natural process of shedding which can be frustrating, however, mixing wool with synthetic material (in this case acrylic) reduces the amount of shedding.

Awesome Fibre Half & Half Wool Blend Yarn is manufactured for carpet making, comes in relatively more neutral colors compared to our Eco-olefin and has a relatively dull look to it. Carpet made from Awesome Fibre Half & Half Wool Blend Yarn has the resemblance of 100% wool carpet.

We recommend using 3 strands of Awesome Fibre Half & Half Wool Blend Yarn with our cut pile tufting gun and punch needle or 2 strands with our loop pile tufting gun and all our manual tufting tools.

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Content: 50% Wool 50% Acrylic
Wraps/inch: 14 (about 2mm thick)
Plies: Single

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