Final Backing Fabric – 2.1m width

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This is an industrial grade final backing fabric for all tufted works. It is sturdy and heavy and works great in providing stability and professional finish to the back of your tufted work. This backing fabric can be found in most professionally-made carpet in store.

Most tufting gun beginners are using felt to back their tufted works which is a good option. However if you want your carpet to last a long time and be able to repair in the years to come, this fabric is the way to go. You can choose to whip stitch, serge or bind the edge of your carpet edges with this fabric without having to glue it in place. Alternatively, if you do not have access to any of the edge binding methods mentioned, you can apply a small amount of spray adhesive to temporary hold the backing in place, then finish off the edges with rug binding tape.

Content: 35% cotton, 65% polyester
Width: 2.1 meter wide (83″ or 2.3 yard or 6.9ft)
Double weft & Double warp
Max length: 5 meter (Order of more than 5 units will be cut into shorter lengths. Eg. If you order 8 units of this item, you will receive 5*2.1m + 3*2.1m)

Ordering 1 unit means 1×2.1 meter (1.1×2.3 yard)
Ordering 2 unit means 2×2.1 meter (2.2×2.3 yard)
Ordering 3 unit means 3×2.1 meter (3.3×2.3 yard)

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