Latex Binder (0.7kg/7kg/25kg)

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Our Latex Binder is made from natural rubber latex with calcium carbonate formulated for pre-coat or two-coat process. It is used by most professional carpet manufacturer in Malaysia and is also being exported internationally to many carpet manufacturers. The formulation provides great tuft bind and dries white. After drying completely, carpet stays flexible with slight grip giving the carpet a soft to medium handle. Calcium carbonate is added to lower total manufacturing cost while maintaining excellent mechanical properties, it adds weight to the backing assisting the carpet in laying flat on the ground. Unlike PVA glue, it does not crumble over time. This product is also suitable for two-coat backing.

Application: The compound can be applied by hand trowel (flat or fine notch) or paint roller (with minimum of 0.5″ nap length to ensure proper adhesive application). With carpet lying upside down, pour workable amount onto the back of the carpet, and apply even pressure filling up void spaces of carpet back to ensure adequate transfer to backing material. Apply at least 3 inch over the edge of carpet. We recommend using secondary backing or action bac with this product – after the first layer of application, place backing material onto wet adhesive, starting from one end, rub backing material into adhesive with hand trowel or paint roller, move to other side and gently pull on backing to remove wrinkles while rubbing. Adding on more adhesive at this stage is acceptable. Entire backing must be rubbed down to ensure adhesive transfer from carpet to backing material. To avoid blotching and delamination, make sure application is sufficient and even with no globs of excessive adhesive. Final backing can be applied with the same adhesive after the first layer is completely dry, however we recommend this adhesive for a proper final backing & edging application.

Drying time ranges from 2.5-6 hours depending on humidity and adhesive thickness, to speed up drying process, use fan.

Base: Natural rubber latex with calcium carbonate
Color: White liquid, dries white
Clean-up: Remove wet adhesive with water and soap. Dried adhesive may be difficult to remove, take care to remove adhesive from surface before it dries.
Shelf-life: 6 months from date of manufacture in unopened container when stored at cool & dry place.
Once opened, it is best to finish within 3 months. To extend shelf life, pour adhesive into a separate container to use, do not cross contaminate.
Available in 0.7kg, 7kg & 25kg option

*All latex binder order comes with a complimentary silicone scraper.

This product does not contain VOC and is non-flammable. Product comes with MSDS approved by airlines and is safe to be shipped internationally. Please check with your local customs to find out if adhesive is acceptable in your destination country, we do not responsible for products rejected by local customs in destination country.

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700g Tester Pack, 7kg, 25kg


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