Manual Speed Tufting Tool – Cut Pile 14mm

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The manual tufting tool, also known as speed tufting tool or hand tufting tool have been around for many years. They have been used traditionally in India for generations and are still in use today by carpet artisans in India as an alternative to tufting gun. This is perfect for making fine details as it allows manual control as opposed to the tufting gun.

These are slower than tufting gun but faster than using a punch needle. They are easy to maintain, you’ll only need to oil it once in a while to keep the mechanism smooth.

Our manual tufting tools are from a premium carpet factory in India that produces the tool for their own artisan’s use. They might not look shiny and sparkly but they are purpose built and made to last.

This listing includes:-
1x Manual tufting tool – Cut pile 14mm
1x Threader

Video tutorial is included with every purchase.

Important note**
If you have been following our store update, you might notice that one of the batches of these tools came with paint coating on the metal part of the tool, we have tested that out and prefer the tool in its most raw form that is without the paint coating. We find that the tool slides better without the paint coating.
We want to bring this product to you in the most original form, just like how the traditional carpet artisans would use it. Hence moving forward, the tool will not have any paint coating on it. The manual tufting tool is produced in-house by a local carpet factory for their own artisan’s use, it does not look shiny and sparkly, but they are purpose built and made to last forever. You will see solder joints, unpolished metal, fire scale from metal forging and etc.
The tool can be easily polished with a Dremel or metal brush, if you prefer, you could also spray on a layer of paint on it 😉 We recommend Rust-Oleum Stops Rust spray paint, just wrap up the handles, spray on 2 light coats of paint and it will look shiny and sparkly!

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