Primary Tufting Cloth/Monk’s Cloth 100% Cotton – 1m Width

RM 70.00

This is a 100% cotton foundation fabric that’s perfect for punch needle, rug hooking and tufting. Since this fabric is made out of 100% cotton and is less stretchable compared to other cotton/polyester blend fabric, we recommend this for experienced tufter if you’re using it with a tufting gun 🙂

The fabric has a natural color with whitelines every 2 inches to help with marking and tufting, the lines can also be used as guides to ensure fabric is stretched evenly over the frame.

Content: 100% cotton
Density: 24 x 24 stitches per square inch
Weight: 300g per square meter
Width: 1 meter wide (39″ or 1.1yard or 3.3ft)
Double weft & Double warp

Max length: 4 meter (Order of more than 4 units will be cut into shorter lengths. Eg. If you order 6 units of this item, you will receive 4*1m + 2*1m)

Ordering 1 unit means 1×1 meter (1.1×1.1 yard)
Ordering 2 unit means 2×1 meter (2.2×1.1 yard)
Ordering 3 unit means 3×1 meter (3.3×1.1 yard)

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