Secondary Backing Fabric – 1m width (Ready stock -ships immediately)

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This is an industrial grade secondary backing used by carpet makers. It is used along side the primary tufting cloth to add stability to your tufted work.

The standard practice of backing tufted carpet is to coat the back with latex or other glue along with secondary backing to lock in the tufts and bind the fibers to prevent pilling and fuzzing. Adhering secondary backing fabrics improves dimensional stability, adding weights and improve resilience of the tufted works. Secondary backing fabric is usually used for finishing floor carpets by professional carpet makers, it is optional for tufted wall pieces or other artworks that doesn’t require such stability.

How to use secondary backing?: Place the secondary fabric on the reverse side of your artwork (you can attach it to your frame just like how you would with the primary tufting cloth) and apply a large quantity of glue to help adhere it to the work, offering stability and quality to your tufted work. Once the glue is dry, remove your artwork from the frame and back with final backing fabric.

Secondary backing fabric is generally used with binding adhesive like latex glue, PVC glue or vinyl glue.

Content: 100% cotton
Density: 26 x 26 stitches per square inch
Weight: 100g per square meter
Width: 1 meter wide (39″ or 1.1 yard or 3.3ft)
Max length: 3 meter (Order of more than 3 units will be cut into shorter lengths. Eg. If you order 5 units of this item, you will receive 3*1m + 2*1m)

Ordering 1 unit means 1×1 meter (1.1×1.1 yard)
Ordering 2 unit means 2×1 meter (2.2×1.1 yard)
Ordering 3 unit means 3×1 meter (3.3×1.1 yard)

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